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The Gallowsman and Henry Kidd, Outlaw: Two Full-Length Western Novels

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Cameron Judd’s ability to capture the spirit of adventure and promise of the wild frontier with writing that is powerful, authoritative, and respectful of America’s frontier traditions is on full display in these two, full-length standalone novels.

In The Gallowsman, Ben Woolard is a man ready to start over. The life he’s leaving behind is none too pretty, filled with ghosts and pain. When he lost his wife and children, he took to the bottle so hard he almost couldn’t find his way out again. And his career as a Union spy during the war still doesn’t sit quite right with him, even if the man sent to the gallows by his testimony was a murderer. But now Ben’s finally sobered up, moved west to Colorado, staked out a claim, and put the past behind him.

But sometimes the past won’t lie still. Sometimes it just won’t stay buried. And, as Ben learns when folks start telling him that the man he saw hanged is still alive and in town—sometimes those ghosts come back.

Henry Kidd, Outlaw: In the waning days of the Civil War, a Unionist farmer is brutally murdered, leaving behind a wife and three daughters—and his only son. The family gives young Marsh Perkins a grim duty. He is to track down Henry Kidd, the man who killed his father, and either kill him or bring him back to face justice.

Young Marsh is the best hunter in the mountains, and there is no one else to do the job, so he sets out alone, from Tennessee through Arkansas and Texas, one young man on the trail of a ruthless outlaw. And Kidd’s trail is easy to follow—wherever he goes bodies tend to be left behind. But what will Marsh do when he finally catches up with Kidd? Will he be able to avenge his father’s death, or will he become just another body in Henry Kidd’s wake?

“Judd is a fine action writer.” — Publisher’s Weekly