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The Complete Southwestern Series (Books #1-#4)

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Take a journey with frontiersman, Quint Kershawa man as strong as the land he tamedin this four-book western collection by Gordon D. Shirreffs.

In The Untamed Breed, Quint Kershaw is a man yearning to master the wild West, while three women long to conquer this trapper's heart—a Shoshoni maiden, an Easterner who tries to tame him, and the Mexican heiress whose love comes with a price.

Responding to his government's orders to assist the invasion of New Mexico, estate owner and frontiersman Kershaw finds his greatest challenge in his wife Lupita and her fierce loyalty to her Spanish ancestry in Bold Legend.

In Glorieta Pass, Kershaw is called upon by Kit Carson to fight for the Union—his mission is to help preserve New Mexico from a Confederate onslaught. His whole family is caught up in the conflict and Quint himself comes face-to-face with an old flame—now suddenly available and as ravishing as ever.

In The Ghost Dancers, a band of Mexican outlaws who hunted scalps for bounty was unaware that their deadly spree had earned them a powerful enemy. Major Alec Kershaw and his two allies, Chief Baishan and Anne Sinclair, weren't about to see the Apache annihilated. In the final showdown, Alec had nothing but a steady hand and the determination to protect those—and the land—he loved.

The Complete Southwestern Series includes The Untamed Breed, Bold Legend, Glorieta Pass, and The Ghost Dancers.