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The Clancy Evans Cozy Mysteries: Volume Two (Books #6-#10)

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Derisive detective Clancy Evans finds herself back in the Western North Carolina mountains. What begins as a mysterious adventure quickly turns into a deadly nightmare

Clancy Evans and her black Labrador Retriever, Sam, return for five more criminal investigations that only they can help solve. From a missing person case turned murder, a savage beast loose in the mountains, corrupt government insiders, a missing girl, and a man trying to claim Sam as his own – the twists and turns of this series are as numerous as the twists and turns of the forest trails.

“This is a wonderful detective novel, fast-moving and captivating, with a strong and sympathetic main character that happens to be a lady-detective, Clancy Evans.”

The Clancy Evans Cozy Mysteries: Volume Two includes When Blood Cries, Outcast In Gray, Out Jumps Jack Death, The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon, and Jewel Of A Murderer.