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The Box: A Hardboiled Crime Novel (Bruder Heist Book #2)

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Everybody knows: When you want to steal fourteen million dollars from a group of Romanian thugs, you go to Iowa.

That’s exactly what Bruder and his crew are going to do, and they figure the hardest part will be getting into the gang’s armored car and grabbing the cash without getting shot.

They’re dead wrong.

Because first, they have to scout the job and get in tight with a local—somebody expendable who can give them the information they need. But when one of the men gets wrapped in so tight he starts popping loose ends, Bruder has to make a call: Who’s more of a threat, the Romanians, or his own crew?

He’ll find out when the gang boxes Bruder and the others in, cutting off the few roads out of town and hunting—farm to farm, house to house, room to room.

It’s only a matter of time before the Romanians get their shot at vengeance on the crew. But shooting at Bruder hasn’t worked out well for far.

The Box is the second book in the gritty Bruder Heist Novels. If you like professional hard-case criminals with a relentless focus on pulling off the big heist and getting away with it, join the crew and buckle up.