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Stillman's Wrath (Sheriff Ben Stillman Book #14)

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Sheriff Ben Stillman’s wife, Fay, and the Clantick town doctor, Clyde Evans, are riding the stage back to Clantick from Rocky Ford when the coach is hit by Dutch Wayne’s outlaw gang, including Dutch’s simple-minded son, Waylon. Waylon is badly injured during the robbery, so Dutch forces the doctor and Fay to ride with his gang as they head to their outlaw hideout in the Highwood Mountains.

Back in Clantick, Ben Stillman gets word of the robbery via the telegraph and rides off in hard pursuit. His task is made more difficult when rancher Phil Triber leads his own men after the outlaws. Dutch Wayne’s gang stole the coach’s strongbox carrying fifty thousand dollars belonging to Triber, and Triber wants it back. Stillman demands Triber and his men turn back. The sheriff is afraid that in their zealousness they’ll get the hostages killed.

Stillman doesn’t give a damn about the money. He’s desperate to overtake the robbers and cold-blooded killers before they murder his wife and the doctor. He doesn’t realize just how badly Triber wants that money returned to him…nor what it is for.