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Stageline: The Complete Series (Books #1-#5)

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This is the story of Whip Roundel, driver of the Hostrum and Hayes stagecoach, as it leaves its depot and heads out into this troubled land with only a single guard on top and a precious cargo of five passengers inside. Whip is a haunted Reins-man, handy with a whip and backed by a history full of anomalies, now he faces the challenge of a desperate journey that will bring back bad memories.

Cosum Beech, the lone shotgun guard, has been riding shotgun and conductor with Whip for the past two years. Life hasn’t always been simple for Cosum and it’s about to get more complicated.

There may be a Civil War going on back east but far from the front down in Arizona and New Mexico Territory the stage still runs on time, wending its way through a rough country without law and order and beset by the threat of rapacious bandits and Indians left free to run wild. Even whilst the region is contested by military elements of both North and South, with so many away fighting the war it remains ripe pickings and a killing ground for those predators waiting on the sidelines.

Stageline: The Complete Series includes The Whip, Riding Guard, Bold Deceiver, Arrowpoint, and Dead On Time.