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Spanish Bit Saga, Volume Five: A Classic Western Series (Books #22-#27)

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In this latest volume of the Spanish Bit Saga, Don Coldsmith continues his critically acclaimed saga of the People.

In Child of the Dead, an old Indian woman rescues a child with smallpox in one of the epidemics which decimated the Indians in the 18th Century. The child is the only survivor of another tribe and Running Deer's people warn her not to touch the girl. But Running Deer has no reason for living since her husband died. The child recovers and Running Deer finds a new reason to live—until the girl decides she wants to be reunited with her own people.

In Bearer of the Pipe, a new generation comes of age to carry on the legacy of a proud and noble culture.

In Medicine Hat, Pipe Bearer, the young shaman of the Elk-Dog people dreams of a powerful spirit horse—one bearing distinctive, hat-like markings on its head and ears—and knows he is being sent an important message. Soon after, a colt is born bearing the exact markings he dreamed about and he is directed to undertake a long quest to the lands of the Pawnee and Lakota in order to learn the meaning of this event.

In Raven Mocker, Snakewater, the aging medicine woman of Old Town, has been respected—and feared—by her Cherokee village. Now, as a series of mysterious deaths plague her village, she finds herself accused of being a Raven Mocker, the legendary creature of evil that steals life from its victims in its relentless quest for immortality.

Pipetone Quest tells the story of Beaver, a young member of the Elkdog People, and his quest to understand the mystifying power of the red pipestone. Sensing the pipestone's spiritual energy, he feels compelled to journey north to the only place where red pipestone can be mined, the Pipestone Quarry in what is now Minnesota. He encounters many captivating people on his journey, each of whom has something valuable to teach him. Only when he realizes that some things are not meant to be understood, but only experienced, can Beaver fulfill the potential of the life destined to be his.

Spanish Bit Saga: Volume Five includes Child of the Dead, Bearer of the Pipe, Medicine Hat, The Lost Band, Raven Mocker, and Pipestone Quest.