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Slaughter at Rebel Ridge: A Classic Western Novella

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When evil dominates Rebel Ridge, there’s only one person to call on for help.

In the dusty frontier town of Rebel Ridge, Sheriff Jesse Loman rules with an iron fist, exploiting the local populace through unjust taxes and a corrupt legal system. His gang of outlaw deputies ensures his dominance, staging mock trials and sentencing innocents to the gallows while protecting their own.

But when chaos grips Rebel Ridge, hope arises in the form of a legendary bounty hunter. Renowned for his unwavering principles, Dane Caulder reluctantly steps in to free the town from Jesse’s grasp, pitting himself against corrupt deputies in a deadly showdown.

Can Dane deliver the long-awaited justice that the oppressed town of Rebel Ridge yearns for—or will its chance at peace be slaughtered once and for all?

Grab your copy of this action-packed Western showdown today and witness one man battle against corruption and fight to bring righteousness to a lawless land.