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Saints and Sinners: A Classic Western Series (Bloody Joe Mannion Book #3)

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Town Marshal “Bloody” Joe Mannion is back in this third high-action volume in Peter Brandvold’s explosive new western series!

When Jeremiah Claggett, constable of the nearby ghost town of Fury, is murdered by Frank Lord, the kill-crazy leader of a dozen wild outlaws, Bloody Joe has to come to grips with the fact that he’s inadvertently to blame. Mannion had turned Frank’s brother, Billy, over to Claggett for safekeeping, setting off the chain of events that end his friend’s life. Mannion is the kill-crazy one now. Not realizing he’s being shadowed by Clagget’s beautiful, half-wild granddaughter, Justy, and an inscrutable saddle tramp, Mannion sets out on his vengeance quest.

In typical Bloody Joe style, he storms Lord’s gang single-handedly, which nearly proves to be his undoing—until he’s set upon by a mystery ‘Man of the Lord’ and given… something. Whether that something is good or bad Mannion has difficulty discerning.

Saints and Sinners is a crazy, dark, storm-ridden ride through the hell of the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado. Whoever manages to ride out alive—saint or sinner, or maybe a combination—will be changed forever, baptized in gun smoke and blood.