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Rugged Trails: A YA Coming-of-Age Western Series (Two Thousand Grueling Miles Book #2)

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From the wilds of western Oregon on the banks of the Snake River, young Jake Zane is offered a job he can’t refuse.

After locusts clean out his fields, Jake Zane must turn to hunting and trapping for survival. He can earn a decent wage—and potentially earn a fat bonus—if he can live to collect it…
Zane is compelled to sign on as a wagon and mule train guard into unchartered territory, from Oregon to gold rush San Francisco. All that’s between him and a bonus that will carry Jake and his family through another year are hundreds of savages, weather, a Sierra crossing, and wild animals on rugged trails. It’s get there with the cargo, or all is lost.

The Two Thousand Grueling Miles series is a true family adventure tale full of can’t-put-it-down action.