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Rowdy: Return (Rowdy Book #6)

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A culmination of lessons learned are put into action as Rowdy traverses family ties and unstoppable action in this transformative coming-of-age western.

Cloaked in darkness and in the brunt of a treacherous storm, Rowdy rides in pursuit of a dangerous gambler caught cheating and robbing a game at the Waterin’ Hole Saloon. But when he’s overpowered by a gang of men claiming to be the law, he’s forced to return to Lincoln without his prisoner.

On the road home, Rowdy meets a family traveling with a wagon train of settlers who claim they recognize him and have unbelievable news. Rowdy’s brother, thought to be dead all these years, is alive and in grave danger.

Rocked by the news, Rowdy has but one decision—find his brother and do everything in his power to save him.

Thrust into the beginning of an uprising that may just get him killed when he attempts to uncover his brother's whereabouts, Rowdy has everything to lose. But nothing will stop him from making his return.

“A rollicking western with plenty of heart.” —Early Reader