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Rowdy: Rescue (Rowdy Book #4)

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Excitement runs high, and anxious emotions tug at Rowdy as the saga continues from award-winning author Chris Mullen.

Life at the Circle ‘R’ stops abruptly with news that little Thomas and Anne Marie have been kidnapped by an old enemy, Cain. Shocked and enraged, Rowdy and Roberson set off to follow their trail, tracking the children over a mountain pass to the Tularosa Valley.

With an early winter storm threatening their pursuit and a gang of relentless brigands on their trail, every moment is precious as they race to save the children’s lives.

But Cain has other plans in mind for his captors. Money and revenge are the only two things that matter, and—once he reaches the valley—nothing will stop him from having both.

Forced to ignore pleas for help by a group of stranded travelers as desperation sets in, Rowdy must remember that he has one mission—save the children. But can he get there in time?

“A rollicking western with plenty of heart.” —Early Reader