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Road Kills (VICAP Book #5)

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A fugitive father and his sons team up for a savage cross-country killing spree.

The Sawyer-Gleason clan—a malevolent family of five, led by a depraved patriarch. They live on the road… survive by the knife and gun. And never leave a witness alive.

Special Agents Flynn and Tanner are trained members of the FBI’s Violent Criminal Apprehension Program. But this lawless spree has left VICAP reeling—and baffled: robbery, murder, gang-rape—a swath of carnage cutting across a dozen Western states. The double-digit body count is soaring. Flynn and Tanner haven’t a clue. And the Sawyers are on the road again….

Though this series is fiction, VICAP is a real organization initially conceived in the late 1960s when the crimes of the Boston Strangler, Charles Manson, and other “motiveless” killers began to make national headlines. The case files of Special Agents Flynn and Tanner are a scorching record of brutal crime. Their Los Angeles is an urban nightmare ruled by psychotic lords of violence. But VICAP agents are tough and relentless—they never give up.

Road Kills is # 5 in the acclaimed series of Flynn and Tanner VICAP novels.