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Rio Ruidoso (Three Rivers Book #1)

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In Rio Ruidoso, award-winning author Preston Lewis masterfully blends fact and fiction to transport readers to the tumultuous years preceding the infamous Lincoln County War in New Mexico Territory. Through the eyes of Wes Bracken, a newcomer to the region with dreams of starting a horse ranch with his troubled brother, we witness the corruption, racism, and violence that plagued the county.

But Bracken’s aspirations for his Mirror B Ranch are jeopardized by his brother’s alcoholism, the greed of economic tycoon Lawrence G. Murphy, and the brutal actions of the bigoted Horrell Brothers. In order to restore peace to Lincoln County and secure a future for himself and his ranch, Bracken must confront these threats head-on.

He must navigate the shifting alliances that make life in this multi-racial community so complex. Will he succeed in bringing tranquility to Lincoln County?