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Ride With The Rangers: A Western Duo

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Texas Ranger Zack Bodeway trails an outlaw into Oklahoma, in Indian Territory, and is bushwhacked. He makes it to a stagecoach stop and falls off his horse, almost dead, a beautiful young widow nurses him back to health. When everything is going well, Bodeway learns that life can have some unexpected twists...and he solves them with the fast .44 on his hip.

Follow Tilghman from his early days as a buffalo hunter out of Dodge City to serving as the Marshal of Dodge, and later the Deputy U.S. Marshal who became one of the Three Guardsmen of Oklahoma to his last arrest in 1924 at age 70. Tilghman wanted to be a successful businessman and tried and failed throughout his life. He always came back to what he did best – enforcing the law.

Ride With The Rangers: A Western Duo includes Zack Bodeway Texas Ranger and The Legend of Bell Tilghman.