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Pursuit Of Glory

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Jack Keller had never in his entire life been farther than fifty miles from the small mining town of Gilmore, Idaho. For twenty-one years it was all that he had known. But now the Spaniards have sunk the USS Maine in Havana Harbor and America is going to get even. Teddy Roosevelt is looking for volunteers – Rough Riders they are called. Jack’s mundane life of hauling ore with his father pales in comparison to the promise of adventure--a temptation that he can’t resist.

But, as he soon finds out, it is a decision with consequences he’d never even imagined. Then again, young men in search of glory don’t always think straight.

“[A] beautifully written novel that depicts the true conflict men and women feel when they are serving our country, protecting us while they are breaking inside. Heartfelt and brilliantly written.”
– Rabia Tanveer for Reader’s Favorite