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Price of Honor: An FBI Crime Thriller (The Bureau Book #8)

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Book No. 8 of The Bureau, Price of Honor, follows the surviving protagonists through the turbulent years between 1974 and 1983.

For the FBI and NYPD's BOSS, the pursuit of black militants and white radicals continues, sometimes with fatal results. President Nixon resigns in disgrace, while revelations made in recent years prompted the formation of multiple congressional committees probing illegal acts by both the FBI and CIA. Despite the cancellation of COINTELPRO before Hoover's death, the Bureau still pursues lawless tactics against perceived subversives, including a new Indian War of sorts against Native American activists.

The Vietnam war ends in communist triumph, while two single-term presidents seek to salvage America's image on a global scale. A new grassroots demand for "law and order" at home, with greater security abroad, propels Ronald Reagan into the White House and toward a new would-be assassin's gun sights. Nolan O'Hara leaves the Bureau to cooperate with Senate investigators, while the CIA cleans house of all possible living embarrassments. New frontiers of conflict open in Latin America and the Caribbean.