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Pecos Valley Revival (Pecos Valley Book #2)

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It’s October 1923, and three interesting things are going on in the generally dull town of Rosedale: the fall cattle drive, the fall rodeo, and a tent revival.

Annabelle Blue is excited about the first two events. The tent revival might be okay if it weren’t for Esther, whose ethereal loveliness has captivated all the men in town, including Annabelle’s long-time beau, Phil Gunderson. In spite of this, Annabelle pitches in and helps prepare for the rodeo.

Although Phil seems to hang around with Esther a lot more than Annabelle deems proper, she enjoys the rodeo with her best friend, Myrtle Howell—until one of the stars of the rodeo, Kenny Sawyer, falls ill and later dies.

Shocked to learn that Kenny was poisoned, Annabelle begins to do some snooping. There is a plethora of suspects to choose from, but when another person is killed, life in Rosedale becomes downright frightening.

Alice Duncan delivers the second novel in the fun, fast-paced Pecos Valley series!