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Pecos Valley Rainbow (Pecos Valley Book #3)

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In 1923 flooding is not uncommon in Rosedale, New Mexico, but Annabelle Blue has never found a corpse floating in the floodwaters before now.

As if discovering the body of the murdered president of the Rosedale Farmer’s and Rancher’s Bank isn’t bad enough, Annabelle is further dismayed when her brother-in-law falls under suspicion. Since Annabelle has no faith in the local police, she sets out to discover who the true murderer is, dragging her long-suffering boyfriend, Phil Gunderson, along with her.

On one jaunt in the middle of the night, a reluctant and grumbling Phil at her side, Annabelle stumbles over another corpse, that of the dead banker’s son. Naturally, gossip about why she and Phil were out walking past midnight spreads through the town, and her parents are livid.

Book three in the historical, cozy mystery series is a lighthearted look at a vivacious girl living in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, USA.