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Parker Canyon Massacre (The Slim Calhoun, Bull Morrison Westerns Book #5)

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The rough and tumble US Marshal and his cantankerous deputy are back in the saddle, raring to go in the latest action-packed installment from hard-hitting western author Johnny Gunn!

It’s late 1862 in Nevada Territory. The bank in Washoe City has been robbed and the man responsible has been high on a list of most wanted by U.S. Marshal Bull Morrison and his deputy Slim Calhoun. They rush from San Francisco only to find the gang has been killed as a part of a gruesome massacre.

The investigation is hampered by early winter storms and includes a madam in a house of prostitution, her husband, and a man known for being a sadistic murderer.

Along with the brutal murders, there is a man who is an architectural genius, a lovely young lady who captivates Calhoun, and a soiled dove who just might run off with the loot from the bank job. Bull Morrison starts and finishes several good saloon fights but who brings forth a side of him unknown before. The man has a heart.

The marshal and his deputy are back in the saddle, ready to sling some hot lead...