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No Name On My Grave: A Sam Raven Thriller (Sam Raven Book #6)

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Sam Raven Races Against Time to Stop a Takeover of the United States!

They’re hiding in plain sight, all over the USA. Enemies planted by a mastermind with world domination in mind. First, he needs to take the United States off the world's stage and insert selected puppets. Violent attacks on American citizens show no mercy leaving thousands dead, and many more injured.

Sam Raven learns of the plot from somebody involved, somebody trying to escape once the horror of the conspiracy became reality, and gathers his motley crew of misfit Raiders to take the fight straight to the enemy.

The enemy runs deep, and resources Raven once counted on are now against him. But they forgot Raven is most dangerous when he's alone.

NO NAME ON MY GRAVE is the latest in the Sam Raven thriller series. You’ve Never Read Action Like This Before!