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No Badge Required: A Jake Morgan Thriller (Jake Morgan Book #2)

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Take a wild ride through the labyrinth of murder and small-town politics in W.L. Ripley’s western crime thriller.

Jake Morgan is a throwback investigator – a stubborn, no-holds-barred neo-gunslinger whose bold investigative style unsettles friends and criminals alike. Morgan has a sideways sense of humor and cutting wit that leads others to challenge him to no avail.

So what happens when a murder arises and the only suspects are the powerful men capable of destroying Morgan’s investigation and Morgan himself?

Jake Morgan comes in guns blazing to take down the untouchable Country Club group that sexually exploits women after one exotic dancer is murdered and tossed aside.

"NO BADGE REQUIRED is a smartly written, kick-ass action novel filled with vivid scenes and unforgettable characters. This is a tightly-drawn thriller that, page for page, has more dark twists and turns than you can count. It’s exactly what a page-turner should be. It’ll keep you sweating all the way to the end!" -- Phoef Sutton, best-selling author, producer, and award-winning screenwriter (CHEERS and NEWHART)