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Nick Hamilton Series: The Complete WWII Submarine Warfare Collection (Books #1-#4)

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From the author of the bestselling U-BOAT series comes a new naval war hero on the Allied side of WWII.

Nick Hamilton commands the HMS Rapier, a state-of-the-art submarine engaged in covert actions against Allied enemy forces. He’s brash and bold, and has been known to be highly unorthodox. But, he gets the job done…and in wartime, that’s all that matters.

This four-book series follows Hamilton and the Rapier crew as they challenge German U-boats and Japanese warships alike, drawing victory from the ashes of defeat, and persevering to maintain a civilized way of life for all the world’s citizens…no matter where they hail from.

This action-packed series is essentially the flip side of Edwyn Gray’s UBOAT series, showing the war and battles from the Allied point of view. Fans of WWII naval warfare will not want to miss out on this series!

The Complete Nick Hamilton Series includes all 4 awe-inspiring, adventure-filled full-length novels:

  • CRASH DIVE 500