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Mountain Massacre (Rocky Mountain Saint Book #4)

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When a grief-stricken young mountain man goes to Fort William to re-supply, he runs smack into a bully and a drunkard. That meeting leads Tate Saint to take on the responsibility of guiding a bunch of dirt farmers across the beginnings of the Oregon Trail and to the distant Wind River mountains and South Pass. But the bully and drunkard was loathe to surrender his job as wagon scout and his planned massacre of the farmers to plunder their wagons and sell the women to the Indians. What follows is a chase by the man mountain and his cronies and his recruited band of renegade Indians. That race would cross the wide wild country of the uncharted territory that would later become Wyoming.

But a savvy young mountain man would not be deterred and was bound to match wits and courage with these conspirators as he led the wagon train of farmer families. With everything and almost everyone against them, the people were determined to make it to the western lands of promise and build a new home. Their courage and fortitude, nurtured by Tate, would prove to serve them well as they fought off the forces of nature and the evil hordes and learned the ways of the wilderness as taught by a young mountain man that became their best friend and deliverer.