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McKeag's Mountain: The Montana Series (Montana Book #3)

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Better men than Bertoldus Prager had tried to kill the McKeags of Lucky Seven Ranch--and still, the family stands strong on their land near Deer Lodge, Montana. This time Old Man Prager isn't taking any chances. The wealthy rancher sends seven mercenaries to take Dan McKeag's land by force.

Prager's plan almost works to perfection. The only problem is that Dan McKeag is clinging to life--and plotting grisly revenge against the men who murdered his wife, commandeered his ranch, and ran his 14-year-old nephew into the wilderness. Now, the tables are about to turn on Bertoldus Prager.

One by one McKeag aims to take down Prager's seven hard men. And Dan McKeag, who has lost nearly everything, is about to prove how much of a payback he can get: with his blood, his courage, and his Remington...