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Lonnie Gentry and the Curse of Skull Canyon: A Lonnie Gentry Duo

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Western action and adventure author Peter Brandvold’s iconic Lonnie Gentry series comes together like a stick of dynamite and a match to blow readers away!

In book one, Lonnie Gentry, life has not been easy for young cowboy Lonnie Gentry. He and his mother live alone, working hard on their remote Colorado mountain ranch. Now the thirteen-year-old must travel over perilous mountains to return money stolen by his mother's outlaw boyfriend. It's a man’s job. And it’s going to take a man – and the woman the man loves – to see it through.

In The Curse of Skull Canyon, everyone in the Never Summer Mountains knows about the ancient Indian curse on Skull Canyon in the highest, remotest reaches of the range, not far from the ranch young Lonnie Gentry shares with his mother and infant half-brother.

When a man’s agonized wail lures him into the canyon, he finds a youth only a few years older than himself dying from a gunshot wound. Later, when savage men pour into the remote canyon, apparently searching for something they’re willing to kill for, Lonnie learns the extent of Skull Canyon’s horror.