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Long Ride Home: A Classic Western Adventure

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New York Times best-selling author W. Michael Gear’s rough, gritty prose highlights the life of a man teetering between destruction and salvation.

Theo Belk is rootless, ruthless, and deadly ― the quintessential gunfighter with the requisite traits needed to survive on the vast, lawless Western frontier. Haunted and driven by the ghosts of the men he’s been forced to kill, Belk embarks on a mission to end the life of Louis Gasceaux, the one man who deserves it most – the man who murdered his parents as he was helpless to intervene.

Gasceaux manages to stay one step ahead of Belk through dirty gold mining camps, bustling new towns like Dodge City and Denver, and the trails and byways in between. He can’t elude his fate forever, and Belk will eventually mete out the justice he so richly deserves…or will he?

“A novel of defiance and raw emotion: the vivid portrait of a man locked in violent struggle with himself and the lawless frontier.” ―Earl Murray, author of South of Eden

“Gear writes… with flair, confidence, wit, an ear for sound, and an eye for details… His characters and their utterances are striking. And he has another gift: the ability to entertain his readers as he educates them.” ―
Rocky Mountain News