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Legend of a Gunfighter

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An action-packed, captivating western novel by bestselling author Robert Vaughan.

In 1885 Buck Elliot, already a legendary gunfighter, comes to Canyon Diablo, Arizona Territory, to aid a friend and several small, but honest ranchers who must deal with Nigel Smythe, a titled Englishman who is trying to build a fiefdom under the Mogollon Rim. Smythe has hired as many gunfighters as cowboys, using them to force the smaller ranchers out of business, but Buck, who has been commissioned an Arizona Ranger by the governor, organizes the small ranchers to defend their rights. In a direct confrontation between Buck, his friends, and the outlaw army of Smythe, good prevails over evil.

A little more than forty years later Buck Elliot, a still-living iconic gunfighter of the Old West, comes to Hollywood to be a technical consultant for LEGEND OF A GUNFIGHTER, a movie about his life. He discovers that the star of the movie, Clive Malone, is more interested in playing himself than he is in portraying the true story. Buck enlists the aid of Ernest Haycox, author of the book from which the movie is to be taken, and they try to get the studio to bring the picture more into line with the truth.

If you like William W. Johnstone and George P. Cosmatos’s Tombstone, you will be engrossed in this unputdownable western.