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Law of Honor: An FBI Crime Thriller (The Bureau Book #9)

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Episode IX of the Bureau, Law of Honor, spans the troubled years from 1984 to 1992.

In New York, Agent Erin O'Hara's suspicion of FBI "mole" Stephen Barnes intensifies, while the CIA discovers traitor Aldrich Ames within its own ranks. Cousins Hardy and Wyman Gantt strive to make sense of their fathers' deaths in 1983, each still pursuing divergent careers in the FBI and CIA. Dominick Giordano seeks to promote his Mafia family in New York City by increasing traffic in foreign drugs, each shipment heightening his private risk.

Radical terrorism continues in America and abroad, as Muslim guerillas armed and financed by Washington drive Russian troops from Afghanistan and turn their sights on America, "The Great Satan." A resurgent Ku Klux Klan troubles Dave Jordan and Fiona O'Hara in Alabama. Increasing evidence of corruption spawns the Iran-Contra scandal in Washington, threatening members of the Reagan-Bush administration with prison. NYPD Sergeant Payton Sawyer stalls retirement to deal with new threats in Gotham.

For all concerned, the future forecasts peril.