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Last Train From Gun Hill and the Border Guidon: Two Full-Length Western Novels

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Owen Wister and Spur Award winner Gordon D. Shirreffs spins tales of the old west that are exhilarating and bigger than life. You’ll find two such full-length tales in this double volume that are sure to please even the most discerning consumer of Western fiction.

In Last Train From Gun Hill, no one dares cross the powerful Craig Belden— that is until his son rapes and murders Matt Morgan's beloved wife in cold blood. Now Matt, armed with a six-shooter, deadly precision aim, and white-hot rage, won't stop shooting until justice is done. The bullets fly, and God help whoever gets caught in the crossfire…

In The Border Guidon, the last Union soldier left alive in the treacherous Arizona wastelands knows he has one final mission to complete before he can rest. It’s up to him to ferret out a valuable cache of ammunition stolen by the Confederates. He’ll complete his mission come hell or high water—even if he has to blow up the whole territory to do it.

“The joy of reading Shirreffs’ work is in his mastery of pacing and his tough, gritty prose.” – James Reasoner, author of Outlaw Ranger.