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Larimont and The Treasure of Jericho Mountain: Two Full-Length Western Novels

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Cameron Judd serves up a heap of action, adventure, and frontier justice in this fantastic two-volume set sure to please western fans both young and old.

In Larimont, John Kendall didn’t want to go back home to Larimont, Montana. He had to, though, investigate the untimely death of his father. Initially, it was believed that Bill Kendall had died in a tragic fire… that is until an autopsy revealed a bullet hole plain as day in Bill’s head. But why was the local marshall keeping it a secret? John couldn’t quite figure why, so he set out to find the truth for himself.

Even after the town drunk was accused of the murder, then conveniently shot dead, John still had his doubts. But the more he investigated his father’s death, the more secrets he uncovered—and the more unlikely resistance he met. It seemed there was a passel of folks who didn’t want John nosing around, folks with a whole lot to lose if the truth came out. But John wouldn’t stop until he dug up the last secret. Even if it was one best left buried and forgotten.

In The Treasure of Jericho Mountain, ex-Confederate soldier Jeremy Prine is a man long on honor but short on funds. So when Tom Stuart, the son of an old war partner, asks for his help in recovering a fortune in stolen gold, Prine signs on without hesitation, seeing a chance to retire and finally live the good life.

The shipment is stashed deep in the mountains of Colorado on a treacherous trail lined with plenty of bodies. Stuart has the map; he also has a rough-looking bunch on his tail, and he needs Prine’s gun for protection. But the closer they come to the money, the less certain Prine is of whom he can trust. For Stuart is a man with a secret, and in this land of blood and betrayal, secrets can kill just as quick as the elements—or a bullet.

“Judd is a fine action writer.” — Publisher’s Weekly