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L.A. Gang War (M.I.A. Hunter Book #13)

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Lou Conte was one M.I.A. Stone had given up on finding. A treacherous deserter and traitor, Conte had once staged a bloody ambush on Stone's team in 'Nam - earning a kingpin position in the murky world of Asia's drug trade.

Now, over two decades later, L.A.'s drug wars threaten to spill more blood than was ever soaked up by the jungles of Southeast Asia. Two powerful street gangs - the Bloods and the Crips - are waging war for a piece of the action...and taking orders from a familiar Vietnam deserter.

The last person Lou Conte expects to run into is Mark Stone. And now it's Stone's turn to Ambush.

STONE - M.I.A. Hunter - he made a difference in Southeast Asia - now he faces his most electrifying adventure.