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King's Salacious Secrets: A YA Fantasy Romance Series (Pretty Little Robots Book #2)

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The Selection dealt Alex Egelton a rough hand…but she’s not about to let that stop her from righting a few wrongs.

It’s been months since the Mainframe placed Alex at the Strath Glen palace—a frenetic madhouse where every move is theater, and backstabbing is second nature—to both serve and marry the perennially icy viscount with a haunted past. And in those few months, a series of mysterious scrolls led her to discover the heinous truth about her country of Airo-Aurora and its maniacal ruler.

With thousands of innocent lives hanging in the balance, Alex must now find a way to dismantle the entire system and dethrone the king—an impossible task with him lurking over her shoulder and the Mainframe recording every move she makes.

But between managing wedding preparations with her inscrutable fiancé and navigating the unwanted life thrust upon her, Alex soon discovers that she may have more allies than she ever realized—and that perhaps change is possible…if only she can survive long enough to make it happen.

Will Alex find a way to bring down the system and its ruler without getting caught in the crosshairs?

Follow Alex Egelton on her daring journey to uncover the dark secrets of Airo-Aurora and topple its tyrannical ruler. Join the rebellion today and help us rewrite the destiny of Airo-Aurora!