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I Loved You, Logan McGee: A YA Coming-Of-Age Novel

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Delve into this captivating YA romantic suspense novel, perfect for fans of thrilling mysteries and tender romance.

When Calla Lea Stafford receives a heartbreaking note tucked inside a valentine card, her world shatters. Calla had been there for Logan when he first arrived in Treebrook, Oregon, going above and beyond to make him feel welcome. Little did she know, their connection would blossom into something deeper than friendship. Now, Calla's life spirals out of control as she grapples with confusion and unexplainable behavior.

Alienating her closest friends, resorting to superstitious rituals like placing lemons under her pillow, and even lying to her parents, Calla's actions become impossible to ignore. The consequences of her choices are haunting, leaving an indelible mark on her conscience.

I Loved You, Logan McGee is an emotional journey through the turbulence of first love and the heartache of rejection. Join Calla as she rediscovers herself amidst the chaos, uncovering the profound self-knowledge that can only emerge from the darkest moments.