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Honor And Glory: An FBI Crime Thriller (The Bureau Book #4)

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In Book IV of The Bureau—Honor and Glory—global war sets Earth ablaze.

Declan O'Hara is assigned to the FBI's new Special Intelligence Service in Latin America, while his son Nolan joins the U.S. Marine Corps and distinguishes himself in the Pacific Theater. Aloysius Gantt chafes at his headquarters assignment, while evidence of his possible involvement in the death of Senator Thomas Walsh accumulates. Greg Jordan continues his role as counselor for the Giordano crime family, steering his brothers through a minefield of criminal cases involving the National Crime Syndicate and "Murder Incorporated." Ike Sawyer continues his work for the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, exacerbated by new legislation, hysteria over "demon weed," and the war's proliferation of narcotics smuggling. The U.S. Navy's "Operation Underworld" secures Lucky Luciano's release from prison and he soon returns to Cuba, directing Syndicate affairs. In the Soviet Union, Leonid Babin pursues his vendetta against the FBI while struggling to survive both World War Two and ongoing purges in Moscow.