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Hellion Heroines: The Complete Series (Books #1-#4)

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Multi-talented author Tony Masero, creator of the Belle Slaughter series, brings to life another action-packed series featuring the bold and fearless women of the American Wild West.

In Devil’s Canyon Wallflower: Orphaned, negated, and ignored, it seemed to plain-looking Abby as if life had passed her by, as if she was meant for nothing more than a fringe existence in a small Kansas town. Then Edward Dane arrived and things changed. Swept off her feet and married soon after, Abby must follow her new husband into what proves to be a lawless hellhole in the dreaded Devil’s Canyon—a railroad town and home to the most vicious gangs of violent criminals from across the frontier. It’s not long before Abby must take up the gun to make a stand and forge her own place in the world.

In Etta Killin Longshot: When Etta Killin was only fifteen, two men came and stole everything from her. In order to exact retribution, she sought an education—of the lethal kind. She is taught the deadly art of killing by an ex-marshal, and proving to be an apt pupil indeed, her revenge will be swift, brutal, and bloody…

In The Warrior’s Wife: Jack Brace, high-ranking member of the Federal Paymaster’s Office, has been embezzling money from the war effort for years. The time has come for his retirement—and a life lived high on the hog—but someone has other plans for Brace. When he returns home to his wife, Cathy, he’s not the same man he once was. Having been scarred by the horrors of war, he’s now hardened and bitter. A chance discovery sends Jack into one last raid that will change his and Cathy’s lives forever, culminating in a confrontation that was better left on the battlefield…

In The Widow of Hallam County: Alone and defiant, the mistress of the Lazy Z spread had strict rules that were followed without question, or you were sent packing. A woman of fine looks and fiery disposition, she was hounded by a dark secret from the past, along with a wealthy neighbor eager to take her land.

When Robert Lee joined the ranch all seemed fine on the surface, but in reality, he had brought his own baggage. He turned the widow’s head and melted her resistance, but when the objects of his own vengeful mission tracked him down a whole heap of trouble came crashing down on the loyal men of the Lazy Z and the Hallam County widow.

The Hellion Heroines Collection includes Devil’s Canyon Wallflower, Etta Killin Longshot, The Warrior’s Wife, and The Widow of Hallam County.