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Flee The Devil and Sawyer's Quest: Two Full-Length Western Novels

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Writing as Will Cade, Spur Award Finalist Cameron Judd pens captivating tales of adventure in America’s western frontier. Together in a single volume for the first time are two of the best Cade novels published.

In Flee The Devil, it was a thief’s dream come true. Dex Otie couldn’t believe his luck when he saw the railroad trestle collapse, hurtling the Bluefield Golden Special into the gorge below. It got even better when one of the bodies he was robbing turned out to be Wade Murchison, carrying the loot from a bank job. So what if Wade wasn’t quite dead yet? Dex could take care of that.

Only problem was, Wade didn’t die that easily. He lived just long enough to tell his brother, Devil Jack Murchison, who it was who took the money and left him there to die. Now, they didn’t call him Devil Jack for nothing, and he wasn’t the forgiving type. Dex was in for the fight of his life…

In Sawyer’s Quest, it appears to be just a simple metal box. But what it contains might very well be worth its weight in gold—or blood. Inside the box is the latest manuscript by famous author Charles Oliver Farnsworth, and there are scads of people who would do just about anything to get their hands on it.

But the man who finds the box is Billy Sawyer, and all he wants to do is return it to its rightful owner. So Billy sets off for Dodge City, where Farnsworth is scheduled to appear. All along the way, though, Billy is trailed by shady characters, threatened by mysterious strangers, and set upon by ruthless hard cases. How can Billy complete his quest when it looks like every con man and killer in the West is dead set on relieving him of the responsibility of that box?

“Judd is a fine action writer.” — Publisher’s Weekly