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Emigrant Trail: A Classic Western Series (McCain Chronicles Book #6)

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Bestselling author B.N. Rundell continues the action in book six of his western classic series, following Elijah McCain on a search for his missing sons…

Former Union Colonel Elijah McCain wants nothing more than to bring his stepsons home just as he promised their mother on her deathbed. But it turns out finding rebellious young, Union Army deserters is harder than McCain imagined. After chasing the boys across the Wild West and losing them to a clipper ship, he soon discovers that they escaped to Monterey, California.

In an attempt to catch up with his sons before they disappear again, McCain joins up with a band of ranchos that are moving hundreds of horses north for General Sheridan and Colonel Custer. If he plays his cards right, a reward large enough to get him and his sons home will be at the ready. He only has to survive thirteen hundred miles of wilderness, as well as restless and violent natives who are looking to run everyone from their lands.

Imminent danger has never scared McCain from his mission, and he won’t let the potential of losing his scalp deter him this time.

With the end of his mission in sight, McCain is willing to do whatever it takes to keep his promise and bring his stepsons home safe, come hell or high water. Prepare to be engrossed by this western adventure—full of loyalty, wit, and overcoming the impossible.