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El Lazo (The Lasso): A Clint Ryan Western (Clint Ryan Book #1)

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John Clinton Ryan--known as El Lazo for his skill with the reata—hunted by a brutal sea captain for desertion, is caught up in Alta California's revolution. Clint's on the run, but he's been taught by the finest horsemen in the world, the Californio vaqueros. Only when the musket and cannon fire stops and the final flag waves free, will he know who’s friend and who’s foe, and if it’s the rope as a noose or the free range. L. J. Martin writes western novels laced with excitement, mystery, and intrigue. For the smell of saddle leather and gun smoke, gunfire, and flashing blades, read this exciting historical western novel and its sequels. Page-turning adventures from L. J. Martin.