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Eagan's Revenge: A Classic Western Series (Nolan Gang Unleashed Book #2)

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Eagan Nolan's goal is simple—remain hell-bent on seeking revenge after a humiliating assault.

When Eagan faces a harrowing encounter on Main Street, three menacing accomplices demand not just his hard-earned pay, but also payment in flesh. Although Eagan's friends intervene, the incident leaves him emotionally shattered, his pride and confidence in pieces.

Driven by the belief that a gun will protect him from further harm, Eagan resorts to lies and theft to obtain one. On his troubled journey, he crosses paths with Molly, a seemingly sweet companion who offers him affection—on the condition that he transforms into a steely-eyed, vengeful force.

Caught between his first love and his conscience, Eagan prepares for an ultimate showdown and explores whether his quest for revenge is leading him down a path of redemption…or self-destruction.

Read along as, in the untamed frontier of the Wild West, one cowboy faces the complexities of self-doubt and the unexpected twists that life throws our way.

“Groves’ breezing writing style puts the reader in the story…plenty of action.” —Anne Hillerman, New York Times bestselling author