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Double Down

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W.L. Ripley takes the reader on a ride inside the glitzy, sideways world of Las Vegas to deliver a first-rate caper novel!

A mysterious attaché case is stolen during a convenience store robbery. Unfortunately for the robbers, the attaché belongs to Red Cavanaugh, a vicious Las Vegas crime boss who wants them dead. Now Cavanaugh demands Las Vegas security man Conner McBride locate the case and deliver up the robbers. McBride who is in arrears for gambling debts doesn’t want to help Cavanaugh exterminate the robbers so he gambles that he can scam Cavanaugh.

McBride enlists a uniquely skilled operative, Trey Easton, and a bright enterprising showgirl named Aubrey Reynolds, to assist him as he dodges town bosses, federal agents, and a killer from his past.

It’s McBride and Easton versus all the worst elements of Sin City. If McBride fails, a Central American economy will falter and die and so will McBride…