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Don't Be A Stranger: A Western Mystery Novel

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Betrayal lurks in every shadow…

When cattle start disappearing under suspicious circumstances at the Crown Butte ranch in Wyoming, top-hand Elwood Lawrence suspects an inside job. But before he can unravel the mystery, tragedy strikes: a fellow traveler is found dead, and the alleged robber has vanished into thin air.

As Elwood races to uncover the truth, betrayal strikes close to home when the only woman he trusts disappears with another man. With his life on the line, he dodges bullets and faces off against hired guns.

But the stakes are higher than he ever imagined. Beneath the surface lies a sinister plot, and Elwood soon realizes that the rustling of cattle is merely the beginning. To confront the true mastermind behind the chaos, he must journey deep into the heart of outlaw territory.

In a thrilling tale of betrayal, Elwood Lawrence must summon every ounce of courage and cunning to survive the danger threatening to consume him. Buy your copy of this Western mystery today!

“Nesbitt is always entertaining, but he’s at his best here, delivering a solid Western full of cowboy lore…” Booklist