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Disorder on the Court: A YA Contemporary Sports Novel (Iron Valley Book #2)

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Tensions arise and friendships deviate as the competition heats up in book two of Tamara Girardi’s swoon-worthy, young-adult contemporary series.

Sophomore Melanie Corwin has one dream—to make varsity on Iron Valley high school’s volleyball team. So, when the team’s standout hitter and captain suddenly quit to play football instead, Melanie gets the opportunity she’s been working towards for years.

But to play varsity on a tight-knit, championship team, every player has to be as flawless on the court as they are off it. For Melanie, that means more socializing than her introverted personality is used to. And as she turns to her best friend and next-door neighbor, Harris Fullerton—who keeps encouraging her to expand her social circles and achieve her goals—reluctant Melanie is forced out of her comfort zone. Even more so when a fellow varsity teammate feels the coveted position should go to a more seasoned player.

To complicate matters, Melanie starts falling for the guy her team captain has been crushing on for years. And just when Melanie thinks she’s finally managed to sort through the complexity of it all, she finds herself in the kind of trouble that could keep her off the volleyball court for good.