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Devil's Fancy: A Steve Wolf Military Thriller (Trackdown Book #2)

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Working as a bounty hunter for Trackdown, Inc. ex-con and former Army Ranger Steve Wolf has been trying to get his life back on track. Convicted of a war crime that he didn’t commit, he hopes to one day clear his name, but to do this Wolf must fit together the missing pieces of a complex puzzle, made more indecipherable by eight missing minutes from his memory that may hold the answers.

What Wolf doesn’t know is that he inadvertently stands in the way of a very rich and extremely ruthless man who will stop at nothing to continue his bloody treasure hunt for a priceless artifact and cover up the array of bodies that already lay in its wake. As Wolf tries to fit the pieces of this developing puzzle together, he suddenly finds himself in the crosshairs of a highly professional and extremely deadly squad of mercenaries who give no quarter. Dodging more bullets than he did in a combat zone, Wolf must overcome the stacked odds against him.