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Devil's Advocate: A Steve Wolf Military Thriller (Trackdown Book #4)

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That’s the question former Army Ranger Steve Wolf keeps asking since he served time for a war crime he didn’t commit.

Wolf has been struggling to rebuild his life and ultimately clear his name, and when a path to doing just that materializes, Wolf finds himself being stalked by shadow-like foes who seem to know his every move. Unbeknownst to Wolf, his adversaries are being funded by the same wealthy sociopath who set Wolf up for the false war crime charges back in Iraq, and this rich man will stop at nothing to obtain a priceless artifact and see Wolf destroyed.

Following this trail to possible salvation, Wolf and his friend and mentor, Jim McNamara, find themselves facing a brutal gang of bikers as well as a group of highly proficient rogue CIA-trained killers. In a desperate struggle to save an innocent life and seize his last chance at redemption, Wolf must face overwhelming odds in a battle against the powerful forces that have tormented him for so long.