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Deadly Justice (Mr. Justice Book #1)

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Introducing Lance Logan who has built up a reputation as Mr. Justice, but only a handful of people know his true identity. Mr. Justice has one goal, and that is to bring justice to the common man in the west who cannot fight for himself, oh, and to keep his identity hidden all the while.

Mr. Justice finds himself defending a county sheriff who has been convicted of back shooting and killing a man. Lance goes to the town and finds a lying eyewitness, gets the sheriff cleared, then goes on three separate man hunts to bring the killers to justice.

His life and that of the accused killers hang in the balance when he blunders into a war between two feuding families. We don't know if he will survive, let alone get back to the county jail with his prisoner.

Deadly Justice is the first book in a real page-turning, classic western adventure series by best-selling author Chet Cunningham.