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Coyote Crossing: A Heller Thriller (The Heller Thrillers Book #3)

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A maverick son of the new West, Heller's a man you can turn to when your life's in danger...if you can get him off his butt. Born in the Colorado high country he's a part-time rancher and full-time drinker who savors a laid-back approach to living. But Heller's also a law school dropout with a head for justice that's as hard as the Colorado Rockies with a mile-wide stubborn streak. So he hires out to hopeless cases, hurtling into action when some big guy is putting the squeeze on a little guy - or gal. Whether he's tracking down a murderer, out hustling a high-tech con man, biking in the wilderness, or falling for a lady's charms Heller fights hard and plays harder. Wise-talking, quick-thinking, with a body that can absorb and dish out a lot of punishment: that's the combination that's kept Heller alive. So far.

It's cattle country, and not meant to be killing country. Coyotes, the human kind, are making it hell to survive, both those who have lived there, ranched there, raised families there; and those who are fighting to come north for a better life. The hell of it is, some of those are infiltrators, bringing dope, and, God knows, what else. Frank Roderus is a master of the thriller, and the Heller Series are can't-put-it-down novels. Don't miss the Heller Thrillers. Each is a stand-alone action adventure.