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Cheyenne Lance: A Classic Western (Colorado Territory Book #5)

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Zack Dobson left St. Louis as a camp helper with a trapping brigade. The boy soon became a trapper—and a man—in the harsh, unforgiving Rocky Mountains. But he became a legend when he sought vengeance against the Comanches who raided the Cheyenne village that had adopted him.

Legg tells a spellbinding story that pulls you in and keeps your attention.” – Reader

Cheyenne Lance is the book that launched John Legg's exciting career as one of the country's premier authors of Western fiction. In this edition of the book, John has extensively revised and rewritten parts in order to provide an even better reader experience and bring to life the characters and story which have provided countless readers with a unique insight into the life and times of a mountain man and a warrior to rival any other ever created in the era. John has included Cheyenne Lance as part of his ongoing Colorado Territory series and hopes readers will enjoy the revised edition as well as the other titles in the series.