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Brand Chaser (Dark Range Book #1)

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“…couldn’t put this page-turner down…that ending left me with a knot in my throat that’s still there… –Peter Brandvold, bestselling author of the Rogue Lawman series

Randi Samuelson-Brown, known for her award-nominated and compelling historical fiction of the Old West, engages her passion for storytelling to paint an unflinching portrait of the seedy underbelly of the modern-day West.

Emory Cross is a young and tough, no-nonsense brand inspector in Colorado cattle country. She’s intent on preserving her family ranch’s traditional way of life in Colorado at all costs…even if it means crossing some lines.

Prior to becoming a brand inspector, she finds a pair of calves that have strayed onto the Lost Daughter Ranch and decides to brand them as her own, even though she’s technically operating in a grey area of cattle rustling…something she’ll soon be meant to be ferreting out rather than participating in. That decision leads her down a road fraught with danger and exposes an uneasy past leading to an uncertain future for both Emory and her family’s legacy.