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Borderline: A Classic Frontier Western

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Shortly after the turn of the century on the Colorado range near the town of Sage, Will Landry, an African-American land agent empowered to enforce the Van Wyck Fence Law, finds himself in a precarious position. He and his assistant, Jake Hoge, find the body of a lynched nester swinging out on the prairie. Angered, Landry realizes that the victim is on land owned by German immigrant cattle baron Joachim Lang–a bad man if there ever was one.

To bring the powerful cattleman to justice, Landry faces an uphill fight against both racism and a town bureaucracy reluctant to challenge Lang. Throughout his fight, Landry picks up other allies; all outcasts or people with their own personal vendettas against Lang.

Gradually, Landry’s persistence and respect for the law cause cracks in Lang’s armor, setting the stage for a final showdown that will test one man’s mettle and resolve like no other challenge he’s ever faced.